2021 | May
The Corona Virus Impact

Health Threat, Economic and Foreign Affairs Tom Donelson, Americas Majority Foundation, Project Director and Research Associate Download the PDF Report The present economic turndown is the fault of government policies, not free markets. Government told businesses to shut down to stop the pandemic and, as one meme goes, we had our 90-day Free Trial of […]

2020 | September
The Pursuit of Economic Growth: A Review

By Tom Donelson, Americas Majority Foundation Project Director, Research AssociateJD Johannes, VCREEK/AMGClara Del Villar, research director of Senior Initiative, FreedomWorks Foundation Download the PDF Report We at Americas Majority Foundation have used our research to gauge voters’ view and help design policy recommendation as a result. This election is in the balance and the Coronavirus […]

2019 | August
Nordic Capitalism, Venezuelan Socialism & Voters’ Perceptions

Tom Donelson, Americas Majority FoundationJD Johannes, VCreek/AMG Download the PDF Report Summary & Introduction To a slim plurality of voters, the word ‘Socialism’ does not mean a dictatorship of the proletariat seizing the means of production. In fact, many voters, Republican and Democrat hold positive views of Socialism and Capitalism simultaneously. We surveyed voters how […]

2019 | July
Tax and Social Security in The New Paradigm

By Tom Donelson, Project Director and Research Associate, Americas Majority Foundation Download the PDF Report SUMMARY The current base of the Conservative Coalition is the hard-working Middle class and many of them are facing a retirement crisis including 35% of working Republicans over the age of 50 who are likely to face an income shortfall […]

2019 | April
Summary | The Politics of Retirement

Download the PDF Report EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Many Americans are facing a retirement crisis including 35% of working Republicans over the age of 50 who are likely to face an income shortfall in retirement. A poll commissioned by the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies and conducted by Harris Poll found that 30% percent of Baby Boomers […]

2019 | February
Illegal Voters Report Updated through 2018

Download the PDF Report 2016 Post Election Polls There is certainly enough evidence to show that a significant number of non-citizens are voting across the United States. Jess Richman and David Earnest of Old Dominion University reviewed incidents of voting by non-citizens, and while some have argued that illegal voting is inconsequential, Richman and Earnest […]

2019 | January
2018 Campaign & Lessons for 2020

By Tom DonelsonChairman, AmericasPACProjectDirector, AmericasMajorityFoundationandJD JohannesPresident, VCREEK/AMG,SeniorResearcher, AmericasMajorityFoundation Download the PDF Report Economic Growth and Inequality Do voters prefer policies directed at economic growth or polices dealing with reducing the gap between the 1% and the rest of us? A national poll by Cygnal found that 51% of voters preferred economic growth and 40% preferred […]

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