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It is no coincidence that Hispanic voters have gravitated increasingly to conservative candidates and causes in recent years. Statistically, Spanish-speaking Americans exhibit strong religious faith, commitment to the traditional family, a mistrust of government, and a commitment to hard work.  All of these attitudes are indicators of a conservative world-view.
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Conservative issues are popular among African Americans, but astoundingly conservative politics are not. School choice, right-to-life, and faith-based delivery of social services all command majority support in the Black community, but not among the elected representatives of that community.
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Americas Majority believes that the historically unique growth of financial asset ownership among American wage earners has provided an economic bulwark against socialism, an incentive for stable families, and an encouragement for responsible long-term financial planning.  These are all fundamental principles of a conservative polity.
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By all statistical measures, Jewish voters are among the most liberal voter-groups in America.  However, two growing minority components of Jewry – Modern Orthodoxy and Hasidim – are decidedly less liberal on social issues, including abortion and education.  And a far greater percentage of American Jews now question the internationalist tendencies of liberal foreign policy.
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